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Zifa's Online Diary

This is an experiment to see how well I can stick with something... Well, ok, not really. I got this idea from this online diary, written by 2nd graders (it's cute). I figured maybe my junior year of high school might also be interesting. So here it is... High school and the days leading up to it. Happy reading.

8/23/98- Sunday: This is, like, the last weekend of summer... Band camp starts next week, and then it'll be school... So I should probably sleep while I can... Oh, I finished my summer assignment for American Lit today. Fun.

8/24/98- Monday: I didn't get up until noon. I'm trying to sleep as much as possible. This afternoon I had to teach my grandfather how to turn on the computer... also, how to turn on the monitor, speakers, and printer, how to insert a disk, and how to type things... Band camp starts tommorrow, so I'd better pack up my backpack. It starts at 2pm, and I'm not planning on waking up until 1... ok, maybe noon.

8/25/98- Tuesday: Well, band camp started today. It was rough. First we practiced marching basics on the parking lot. Then we had a break. Then we marched some more. Then we had a break. Then my friend and I went to Subway for our dinner break. Then we played some music inside. Then we had a break. Then we marched. We ended about 10 minutes late, but that was ok...

8/26/98- Wednesday: The second day of band camp was worse than the first, if anything. During the hottest part, we were on the hot black asphalt, and marching around the neighborhood near school. During the cooler part of the day, we were inside practicing music, and on the cool, grassy football field, working on our field show...

8/27/98- Thursday: Today in band camp the people in charge got smart. During the hottest part of the day, we stayed inside and practiced our music. Then when it was cooler out, we worked on our field show. In the evening, we did our marching around the block- the worst part of band camp, in my opinion... We also got our uniforms today. I got the same pants I've had for the last 2 years, but my jacket this year is actually smaller than the one i had before. Go figure...

8/28/98- Friday: TGIF! This morning my grandparents (who we live with) left to visit my aunt and uncle for 2 days. My mom was out working, so my friend's mother drove me to band camp. The one day I got there a little late was the day that it started on time! Arg! Today wasn't that hot, and we weren't on the pavement at all, and we didn't march until the very end, so it was fairly comfy... Also, we've got about half our field show done, which is better than this time last year...

8/29/98- Saturday: My mother, brother, and I went to the mall this morning/afternoon. Then my brother and I were pretty much alone at home while my mom worked. I cleaned up my room sorta kinda a little... My mom went out at 7:00 pm, and around 8:00, my grandparents came back home.

8/30/98- Sunday: This morning I went with my mom and grandmother to Home Depot to get blinds and rugs. Fun. Nothing much happened this afternoon. For dinner all 5 of us went to this cruddy restaurant called the Old Country Buffet or something. It was bad. I'm also working on another web page. Go visit it.

8/31/98- Monday: Ok, first of all, I've decided to stop doing this daily, and only do it on particularly exciting days, because this is going to get really boring, really fast. And it'll take up a lot of space. Anyway, today in band camp, we did stand music for the first 3 hours. Then we had our dinner break. Then we worked on the field show for the last 2 hours. The day went surprisingly fast...