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June 11
June 12
June 13

Vacation Diary
The "Vacation Diary" is the fictional account of one girl's summer vacation. Any similarities to actual places or events, or people living or dead, is not intentional. It's completely fiction...
LVG ~ Zifa ~ Zifa16 1998

Check back often, because I'll be having updates about Jill's summer, and maybe if it's popular enough, I'll keep it going through the school year...

June 11-- Well, we got out of school yesterday... Wow, I can't believe that in just a couple months I'll be a junior! Then just one more year and I'll graduate... Woah, this is too scary... Anyway, I got out of school yesterday and today here I am in the back of the station wagon... I never realized how much it smelled like tuna until now. We're on our way to the beach house in Oceanview. I hope our neighbor Molly will be there already- they usually get out of school before us, but then again, she has to start in August, and we don't go back until September. Oh good, we're stopping for lunch- I'll finish up writing when we get to the house...
Yay! Finally here! I love our beach house... It's so big and roomy, yet comfortable and cozy... I wish I could live here all year. I wonder what Oceanview is like in the winter- I think I've only ever been here in the summertime... I suppose it'd be different- a lot less people, and it'd be cold and gray... Well, I've unpacked most of my things, but it's already 8:00, and mom and dad say that's too late for us to go to the beach, even though Jeremy and I really want to, and even though I know there's going to be a party by Aimee Mayor's house tonight. (Molly told me in her last letter- she and Aimee go to school together, so that's how she knows.) So I guess I'll have to wait for the next party. That's ok, I guess... I'm pretty tired already. So I guess I'll just go to bed...

June 12-- Today was fun! First Molly came over, and we went out to Rita's Diner for breakfast- our favorite spot. Then we went back to her house, and Jeremy was there playing with her brother, Scott. So the 4 of us walked down to the beach (it's only 1 block from her house- from our house, it's 3) and we spent a couple hours there. For lunch we walked up to one of the hot dog stands. We stayed at the beach until about 4:00. Then Jerry and I went back home and I got changed and went to Molly's, and we walked down to Dan Rodger's house- he was having a party, but there weren't many people there, maybe only 10, so all of us went down to the pier and went on rides, played games- the whole deal. I didn't get home until about 11:00, but mom and dad didn't care- they know that Oceanview is a safe town and that nothing would happen to me. Molly didn't feel like walking back to her house in the dark, so she's spending the night here- she called her mom and it's ok. So now we're going to go watch Scream 2 on pay-per-view... I hope I don't get nightmares!

June 13-- Boy, today was pretty awful... This morning, Molly and I awoke to the sound of raindrops on my bedroom window... it was obviously not good vacation weather... Molly's mom called right after breakfast and said that she was on her way to the store and would stop by and pick Molly up. So after Mol left, my mom made me bring out my summer reading assignment and work on that. I have 3 books to read for next year. I'd found 2 of them in the library before we left, so I brought them along- they'll be overdue (way overdue) by the time we get back, though... Anyway, I settled down in my favorite chair by the bay window and watched the rain and tried to read... That kept me occupied for a couple hours... Then I watched TV... Then Jeremy and I played Monopoly and Scrabble... Then it was dinnertime, and mom and dad got pizza delivered. By about 7:30 the rain had let up, and mom let me go to Mindy Johnson's party by Anderson Pier. It was pretty fun- she had some big torches set up and a boom box and we all danced out there until it got cold, which didn't happen for a while since it was so humid after all that rain. I eventually did get back home, but not before getting a guy's phone number!! His name is Dale Hobbes and he's soooo cute... Dan introduced me to him- they'd met last summer... Anyway, he lives about 5 blocks away from me, and we're going to meet for lunch tomorrow at Rita's Diner... I can hardly wait... So I got back home around 11:30, and I was so tired I went straight to bed... after picking out my outfit for tomorrow. I'm going to wear my denim shorts and a cute dark green tank-top with this flowy, light, black shirt over it... Well, I'm pretty tired now, so, goodnight.