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The Weather in Hell

How long 'till school's out?

Welcome to TeenLife, describing why it's great to be a teen... There are other reasons besides the fact that we have more fun. If you have any suggestions for reasons, please e-mail them to me at Here's the list so far:
  • school is fun!
  • you're always learning and experiencing new things
  • you can be independent, but still have someone [parents] to pay for things...

Please contribute to the list! Thanks! :o)

You need advice. Oh shut up, you do. You need advice like a fondue party needs napkins and your old uncle Hyman is just the one to give it to you. He's been around the block a few times, but he also understands the young people. "I understand the young people" is how he puts it. So sit back and let Uncle Hyman throw you bits of wisdom like a seal trainer throws fish parts.
Uncle Hyman

Hints + Tips of the Moment... in German

Rindfleisch wird beim Braten nicht hart, wenn man es vorher in Milch einlegt.
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Contest Rules: Open to contestants up to age 19. Members of the CHS marching band and their families are excluded.