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"Facemasks may not be worn."
-CHS Student Handbook

Attention: Due to a freak power surge, my computer is un-usable. Don't expect any updates soon.

How many days 'till my birthday?

I was reading my school handbook recently, and came up with a few quotes I'd like to share with you. The first one is already on the page (look above). Here's some more:

"Clothing bearing imprinted messages or images must not promote a life-style that is inconsistent with wellness."

"When a student has... a problem in locating a class or teacher or is confused with the schedule, he or she must report immediately to the Attendance Office to prevent an unexcused absence from class."

"A listing of all such items is not possible; however, the following examples should guide one's decisions: aerosol spray-paint cans, broad-tipped indelible markers, basketballs, firecrackers, Frisbees, skateboards, squirt guns, practical joke items, playing cards, personal stereo systems, toys, knives, matches, lighters, chemicals, paging devices ('beepers') or cellular phones."


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