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More About Me

Ok, that little (big) Q&A thing probably didn't answer all your questions. So here's some more information about yours truly.

My name is not really Zifa. Yes, I'm admitting it. Although my real name is a bit unusual, too... But in the online world, I go by Zifa so that nobody gets ideas and decides to stalk me. So for all intents and purposes, I'm Zifa. I live in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania... It's outside Philadelphia. But I'm sure you all know it's famous for being the place George Washington and his troops spent the winter during the Revolutionary War. I live practically next door to Valley Forge National Historical Park. My main hobby is the clarinet. I'm in the school band (that's a marching band and a symphonic band) and I'm in the county community band. In my house are myself, my mother, my little brother, and my (maternal) grandparents. We also have 3 cats and a dog. Our dog is a Greyhound we got from the NGAP. He's pretty cool. Rescue a Greyhound today. I am a high school junior. Hooray for the class of 2000. Ok, that should answer most questions about me, so if you need to know anything else, you're probably a stalker. Also, I'll try to update this page to keep the info current.

I am crazy