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How long 'till 2000?
The year 2000 scares me... First of all, it's when I graduate... Second of all, I'm a little freaked about the whole Y2K bug thingy... I hope everything is fixed soon, or 2000 will be the end of the world... (Of course, according to the Mayan calendar, the world ends on December 12th, 2012.)

who is this Zifa person, anyway?

Latin Name: Linnaeus Borealis
Common Name: Zifa
Habitat: schools, malls, and houses in south-eastern Pennsylvania
Hobbies/Interests: music, clarinet, art, writing, reading, sleeping, Spanish, computers
E-Mail Address:
Some Personal Quotes: Moo! ~ TaCo! ~ Alfita! Alfita Alfita! ~ soDA ~ Ned! ~ Very good- 100%. Very excellent quality... ~ Rent a Pig! ~ Ay Ay Ay! ~ ToPiaRy! ~ FCSOSHHBBP ~ --=oosh! ~ Sigmo ~ SATAN! ~ Life Partner... ~ I do love my calves! ~ AWCOHGWM ~ Baby! ~ Oof! ~ Vaya! ~ Många bäckar små blir en stor å

I'm a Rainbow Girl

Book Frog Fairy Lava Lamp Butterfly

Hello Kitty
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