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Do you want a cyber pet of your own?
Well just tell me what kind you want and I'll get one to you! You can ask for practically any type of animal or other creature you can imagine!! Incredible! Just e-mail me and tell me what you're looking for!

Whatever you do, don't click here!

My Cyber Pets
This page is dedicated to my internet animal friends. Stop back often, as I plan on adding more animals.

KittyBunk BedKitty with BottleCertificate
These are my little kitty cats (along with their bunk bed...) that I got from The Mousepad and after a long wait, could finally put online! Yay! You can get your own by clicking the certificate...

Maytag This is Maytag. I don't know why I named him that- don't ask. To get one of your own (they've also got dogs), just click him.
Tina the Troubled Teen Tina the Troubled Teen... She's fourteen, listens to Switchblade Symphony, cuts Geography class, and smokes cloves when no adults are around. She says something new every day, so keep checking back on her!
Moo Here is Moo the virtual kitty... Get your own by clicking on it. Unlike a normal cyber pet, the virtual kitty (or virtual puppy) lives on its own home page, and you go visit it. You have to play with it, feed it, etc. ...Kinda fun...
South Park Zifa This is what I would look like if I was on the TV show South Park... It was made by Ollie, whose page I think you should check out... Aren't I cute?
Spinning Mousie This is my spinning mousie. I made it myself. I really don't care too much if you take it, but if you do, please link it back to me. It's the first thing I made when I got Paintshop Pro 5. I think it's pretty neat.

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