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School Girl Clique

Ok, you all know about those internet cliques where you put a little graphic on your page linking it back to where it came from so other people can get it and the cycle continues... Well now I'm getting in on it... I have created The School Girl Clique... for school girls everywhere. So here's the deal: put the picture on you page (they were hand drawn by yours truely, so they are copyrighted by ME!) and link it back here... Quite simple, no? Pick the one that looks most like you (I tried to get a good variety) or just take the one you like most. By the way, the School Girl Clique is for girls only... If you're a guy and you want to join... there's probably something wrong with you... If you're up to it, e-mail me when you join and tell me the URL of the page you're putting the picture on so I can come visit. Enjoy!

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Right click on the picture you want to use and save it. Then just stick it right on your page. Don't forget to link it back to my main page: