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You are cheater number to visit here.

Web Cheaters
Who Monitors the Net Anyways?

So I was sitting here the other day, and I thought, "You know what? A lot of people, including myself, cheat their way around the net... I should make some sort of center for this type of activity..." So I did. That's what this is.
By looking at the source code for most of the pictures and things on these pages, you'll be able to see that I link most of 'em right to their original pages... That's known (as I understand it) as bandwidth stealing and is pretty bad... But I do it... Ooo, I'm so bad...

So... here's what you do. Take the banner below, and put it on your page to show that you're a proud supporter of the Web Cheaters... And although you probably won't, it'd be nice if you would e-mail me and tell me you took it, and maybe the URL of your web page, so I can go check it out, and please link it back here, so other people can become Web Cheaters...

Web Cheaters Banner