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Here is where you'll find information about my art, and hopefully, if I ever get a scanner, you'll be able to view my art, too...

Favorite Projects

I think some of my favorite projects have been the ones in my commercial arts class. We do things on the computer such as advertisements, CD covers, boxes (like, product boxes...), postage stamps, comic strips, and more. We use mostly the computer program Freehand, but for a couple projects, we had to use Painter or Photoshop.

I also liked some things we did in Drawing, Painting, and Mixed Media, which I took my freshman year. It's a good introductory sort of art class, where you get a little of a lot of different kinds of media, and then by the end of the year you know what you like and what you don't, and you can choose for yourself what type of project you're going to do. For my final project, I did a watercolor painting which came out quite nice, except some of my flowers started to smudge and run into the grass... Another project we did in Draw/Paint was to make our own paper out of rags, old jeans, etc. But we made a sculpture out of the paper, sort of. We formed the paper pulp into different shapes and used them, along with other scraps of paper, string, etc, to make a portrait. I did my portrait of my friend Sharon... It ended up looking nothing like her, really, but I still had a lot of fun making it.

Stuff I Do At Home

I don't really have that much time these days for out of school art, so when I can get some stuff done at home, it's great. I recently bought this huge sketchbook and a big ol' box of colored pencils (I love colored pencils!) and I've been doing a series of kind of intense, colorful series of drawings with them. I also like making bracelets, necklaces, keychains, etc. from beads, and I consider myself good also at those old pre-teen girl favorites, embroidery floss and gimp...