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Hey everyone! I just turned 16 on September 12th! Hooray for me! Anyway, since I'm silly like this, I decided to tell you all about my birthday.
The morning was crud. That's all I'm going to say about that... I didn't spend the morning at home... The afternoon was also crud, maybe even more crud, because I was still with the person from the morning who I hate. It was my PsychoDad... The evening was stupendous! When I came home at 5 pm there were balloons in front of our house, and a sign that said happy birthday with my name on it... Inside there were bunches of balloons, and a huge stack of presents, including one very large box... I got a lot of great presents, but I knew a lot of them were hinting at what was in the big box... CDs, gift certificates to music stores... The huge box was, of course, a CD player... I didn't have one before... I love it so much! It's silver, has a 3-CD changer, a remote control... But now I'm just bragging... Anyway, there was also a cow theme, because I love cows for some odd reason. The wrapping paper was purple with cows all over it in various silly positions, and I got some caramel candy called a "cow's tail" and some stuffed cow toys, among other things... That was pretty funny... Some other presents to highlight included a beautiful gold bracelet from my mom's boyfriend, the video of "Titanic" from my grandmother, and a lot of other little things (perfumes, pens, make-up bags, a purse, etc...) The night was spent doing homework and getting ready for bed... And finding homes for all my new stuff...